Sunday, July 28, 2013

Celebrating 100 Downloads of my FREE Fiction Common Core Reading Response Prompts

My teaching partner, Heather, and I are totally new to TpT selling. We just got started this month... and I'm so excited!  Not only have I made a bank-breaking profit of $2.10 so far {it's gonna burn a whole in my pocket}, but today one of my FREE products reached 100 downloads!  Woohoo!  This is a product that I am really proud of because I spent HOURS putting it together for my kiddos at school.  It's actually only a small portion of the larger interactive reading and writing handbook/notebook that I haven't had time to put up on TpT yet.

It's a pack of reading response prompts (including a blank response sheet) that is meant to be kept in a student binder or notebook to be used over and over again throughout the school year.  A teacher could assign them for the whole class after teaching a certain skill, through small strategy groups, or even on an individual basis through one-on-one conferencing. The prompts cover the gamut of Common Core standards from grades 3-5.  They are also scaffolded from the most basic at the top of each page to the most complex at the bottom.  And, YES, there is also a NONFICTION companion to this FICTION set.  I decided to offer the fiction set for FREE so that others can take a good look at the resource and try it out.  The Nonfiction set is priced at $3 right now.  {So essentially, you can get both sets for a grand total of $3... not too shabby, right?}

Click here for the FREE FICTION Common Core Reading Response Prompts!
Click here to check out the NONFICTION Common Core Reading Response Prompts.


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